Retractable Fabric Roofs

Fabric retractable roofs are an incredibly versatile and durable addition to outdoor areas. They are capable of providing sun and weather protection with the flexibility to retract when desired. Allow warmth in during winter, protect from the intense heat during summer and enjoy dinner under the stars all year round.

Capable of being retrofitted to existing structures or designed with a leaning or freestanding extruded aluminium frame. They can also be combined with a range of optional accessories including weather sensors, LED lighting, Glisse sliding glass doors and electric heaters.

Med Jeans

  • Available up to 4.5m x 5.0m (single module)
  • Leaning frame - fixed front rail
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Med Quadra R

  • Available up to 5.5m x 6.5m (single module)
  • Leaning frame - fixed front rail with gutter
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Med Luce

  • Available up to 5.5m x 6m (single module)
  • Leaning frame - front rail retracts with fabric
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Med Room

  • Available up to 5m x 6m (single module)
  • Optional glass doors, blinds & LED lighting
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Med Open Fly

  • Available up to 4m x 5.9m (single module)
  • Freestanding or leaning frame
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Med 100

  • Available up to 5.5m x 7m (single module)
  • Retro fit into existing structures
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  • Available up to 6m x 6m (single module)
  • Wall/ceiling fixed with front crosspiece structure
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