Making colour selections for your outdoor living area

Making colour selections for your outdoor living area

The first thing to consider is what sort of structure you are having installed. If the structure is entirely aluminium, your decision is much simpler. In this case, you may only need to select one colour (your powder-coat colour) or perhaps two, if you are going to have different sections in different colours.

However, if you are looking to install a fabric awning, you will need to consider the relationship between the fabric colour (or colours!) and the powder-coated components.

Next, look at the existing area and make a note of what colours are already in play. If you are installing a roof or awning, consider matching your guttering or other trims as this will help to integrate the two.

If yours is a brick home, a light coloured structure is a popular choice as it can help to balance out dark, often heavy-looking brickwork and can reflect light into your home.

Another popular selection is a black or charcoal structure (particularly posts) as these colours recede in vision. This will let you look past the necessary supporting frame and continue to enjoy views of your backyard, pool, city skyline or anything else.

Likewise, a dark light-filtering fabric has the same effect. Perhaps surprisingly, it is far easier to see through these than brighter or lighter colours, so if you are considering lateral closing features to enclose your outdoor space, this could be the first fabric you select, to be followed by your powder-coat colour.

To coordinate powder-coat colours with fabrics, determine first whether you intend to match the two or create striking contrast. Matched colours are particularly effective in darker combinations as joins are softened by shadows, giving your installation a cohesive finish.

Conversely, a distinctive white or pale frame with a dark fabric skin can create freshness with clean lines and decisive contrast, however inverting this colour combination is more complicated. For a folding arm awning, the dark frame can appear too heavy for a white or bright fabric, but in the case of retractable fabric roofs, is far more contemporary, as dark posts ground the structure and dark profiles across the roof are slimline and a sleek feature.

Overall, we do recommend sticking to neutral colours or, if you want something more dramatic, carefully integrate the design with the existing house. This way, you will certainly be adding resale value and enhancing your home, rather than detracting from it.

Finally, do not underestimate the importance of lighting to your colour selections. Both natural light and artificial light will affect how your installation looks. You should always look at colour swatches under quality lighting, preferably outdoors and ideally in the area where the product/s will be installed.

Come nightfall, integrated LEDs can give off cool or warm light depending on the installation. This will greatly influence the look and feel of your area. Colour-changing LEDs can be installed in some products and for many customers, this is all the colour they need to create a unique atmosphere to the space.

Colours should be selected to suit your taste. It may be a process of trial and error, mixing and matching swatches to determine a combination that you are happy with. Our dealers can always assist in guiding you to a suitable design that you (and others) will love!

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