Keep more patrons comfortable with a retractable shade solution

Keep more patrons comfortable with a retractable shade solution

There are many reasons to extend your outdoor areas. Perhaps business is good and a few more tables would reduce customer wait times at your restaurant. Maybe you’ve found the perfect location for your second café but the space isn’t big enough. Do hotel customers complain of the heat in the warmer months? Or would an outdoor function area open up new revenue streams?

Whatever the reason, there is a flexible solution to the problem that will allow you to maintain your existing outdoor areas while adding a wow-factor to your establishment.

Retractable fabric roofs are still a relatively recent innovation but are already extremely popular within the hospitality sector as they give restaurateurs complete control over light and shade in outdoor areas. They can even be equipped with sun, wind and rain sensors, to manage movement automatically.

Regatta Retractable Fabric Roofs

Add lighting and heating for dinner guests and with built-in guttering and downpipe solutions, your customers will even be comfortable in mild wet weather.

If you don’t have the option to do construction work, a folding arm awning can add up to 50sqm of dining, cocktail or other functional space and can be wall mounted.

M&A Folding Arm Awnings

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