Gibus in Queensland

What’s a Queensland home without an outdoor entertaining area?! Whether it’s a deck, a simple awning, a pool area, a patio or a complete outdoor kitchen, in the Sunshine State, homeowners embrace a lifestyle that connects them with the outdoors.

Brisbane’s subtropical climate makes it the perfect city for indoor/outdoor living. Our hot summers are the perfect opportunity to get outside and mild winters mean there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the yard all year round.

An opening or retractable roof is the perfect way to shade your living space throughout the hotter months, keep it dry during the wet season and still welcome the sun during winter.

Outdoor blinds can also help to conserve energy, by insulating your house and providing shade.

Retractable shade sails can also protect pool areas and play areas.

Gibus products are the perfect complement to traditional Queenslander architecture as well as modern Australian design. Designed and engineered for you to adapt to your home, they are flexible, functional and come in a range of colours and finishes.

The contemporary designs enhance any outdoor space, providing shade from the Queensland sun. Made from powder-coated aluminium, Gibus products stand up to the elements of Queensland weather.

We have dealers in Brisbane and Cairns and our network is growing. Locate a dealer close to you.