Med Twist

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The Med Twist boasts numerous technical innovations including a unique 135o twist motion, which allows the individual louvre blades to remain in contact with the frame throughout the entire motion. This eliminates any light gaps, unsightly gutters or water leaks. In addition the down pipes are integrated into the frame posts allowing water to drain off the blades, into the gutter and out through the posts.

The Med Twist is available with a range of optional extras including sliding glass doors, outdoor blinds, three unique configurations of LED lighting and electric heaters. Internal blade insulation can also be added to reduce the sound of rain on the roof by up to 70%.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers a complete outdoor room solution - add outdoor blinds, sliding glass doors, lighting, audio & heating.
  • Freestanding or wall fixed configurations available.
  • Blades able to rotate though 135o motion.
  • Unique design allows the blades to remain in contact with the frame throughout the entire motion - eliminating gaps & water leaks (also allows the room to be enclosed with glass doors or PVC blinds & air conditioned if desired)
  • Down pipes incorporated into posts.
  • Extruded aluminium frame, blades & gutters - superior strength, durability & clean edges (unable to be achieved with folded or roll formed steel & Colorbond products)
  • Adjust the louvres to any position within the 135o range to allow full or partial sunlight, release heat, capture cool breezes, or close for full protection.
  • Choose from 5 stylish powder coat colours.


  • Motorised (240v tubular motor) with remote control


Modules Min Width Max Width Min Projection Max Projection Height
1 (4 posts) 2,000mm 4,5000mm 2,100mm 6,100mm 2,400mm
2 (6 posts) 2,000mm 4,500mm 6,300mm 7,100mm 2,400mm
Colour Options        
Charcoal Grey Silver White Bronze Ivory
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