Smart Choice's 7 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Smart Choice's 7 Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

When the sun comes out and the weather gets warm, Australians celebrate. Outdoor living is an integral part of the Aussie lifestyle, and spring and summer present the perfect opportunity for friends and family to get together to enjoy the conditions.

To make your gathering the best it can be, here are 7 tips for outdoor entertaining in the spring and summer.

1. Prioritise comfort.

At any gathering, it is vital that your guests be kept happy and comfortable. This means plenty of seating for everyone, ample food and drink, and a suitable temperature. Manage temperatures with a versatile retractable roof and add lateral closing such as straight drop blinds or glass walls to protect from wind.

2. Make cleaning up a breeze.

Run your outdoor entertaining area straight off the kitchen. A pergola such as the Med Jeans or Med Luce in a leaning style is a simple and stylish addition to any home, and when you're relaxing inside, you can retract the roof to allow the light into your home.

3. Keep the bugs at bay.

Mozzies, flies, and other warm weather pests can sure be a nuisance at your outdoor gathering. The smart host knows to take preventative measures, such as removing standing water from the area (mosquitoes’ favourite haunt) and investing in citronella candles and other insect barriers. Lateral closing on your pergola will also keep pestering bugs out of your dining and social area, and can offer additional shade on hot sunny days.

4. Be prepared for foul weather.

We all know the Australian climate can go from glorious cloudless days to unexpected rain and wind. When conditions allow, keep the outdoor entertaining going. Retractable roofs are the ideal solution in these circumstances - let the sunshine in, and then close your roof when it gets too hot or starts to rain.

5. Provide fun for the kids.

If you’re hosting a summertime gathering with adults and children, it’s a great idea to provide entertainment and activities for the kids. This can keep them busy and satisfied while the adults can sit back, relax, and catch up with friends. Lateral closing allows you to continue to keep an eye out for any misadventures.

Med Quadra Retractable Roof Open Outdoor Living

6. Incorporate natural touches in your decor.

A wonderful way to add atmosphere to your outdoor entertaining areas is to include elements of nature. Even in a screened in patio or an enclosed space, potted plants and greenery can make a statement. You may also want to choose raw or natural materials for your furniture, further enhancing the space and truly uniting the indoor/outdoor areas as one.

7. Relax & enjoy!

The final tip? Relax and enjoy your outdoor living. Grab a drink, say hello to friends and family, and live in the moment. The hard work is done. It's time for fun.

Smart Choice in Outdoor Living hopes to be your go-to provider for all your outdoor lifestyle needs. From carports to decks to screens, roofs, and rails, they’re the South Coast’s established outdoor living centre. We’d love to help make your outdoor experiences the best they can be. Give our friendly, experienced team a call today and let’s get you ready for spring and summer outside!

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