Project Case Study: Attilio Beach Pleasure Club

Project Case Study: Attilio Beach Pleasure Club

A stunning project from Gibus Italy shows the beautiful and practical addition of a new restaurant area.

The popular Attilio Beach Pleasure Club is a lively seaside resort in Milano Marittima – a wonderful location, with hospitality at its heart.

To improve the comfort of guests, the club installed two Med Room pergolas, joined together to cover a larger area.

The area can be used all day long under any weather conditions. Attilio Beach Pleasure Club owner, Matteo Foli said, “We used a shade sail before, which not only was unable to provide the necessary cover during inclement weather, it also allowed heat to penetrate . . . we can now offer maximum shelter and a temperature that is always pleasant.

“We can now host seventy people under cover when the weather conditions aren’t ideal, a service that we could never have offered before.” 

All-day comfort was achieve with the help of an anti-UV Opatex cover, 13.QU drop blinds to enclose the space when desired and LED spotlights integrated into the cross-struts.

LED Spotlights in Med Room

The Gibus Atelier that oversaw the installation said, “The fact that this solution was ideal for our customer’s requirements was evident as soon as their architect contacted us. We were able to personalise the design considerably, in terms of both dimensions and the methods in which the two Med Room Plana pergolas were joined together.”

As is the case for every Gibus project, design was a key consideration. The club owner, Foli, remarked, “We liked the idea of focussing on a versatile, light solution but which, at the same time, was also elegant and attractive, and the design of Gibus pergolas particularly appealed to us.

“Another of our objectives was to be able to count on an installation that . . . wouldn’t require a great deal of maintenance, and from this viewpoint, using a material such as aluminium truly makes the difference."

Beach Med Room

Beach Med Room

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